In time of huge spectrum of touristic offer and development of touristic infrastructure, a natural touristic offer has been instinctively forgotten. He is simultaneously offering relaxation, pleasure, cultural cognition, a sight for sore eyes and gastronomic pleasure to be tasted in particular ambient.

Krka on her way to the sea impose several small settlements whilst her green water split a whole limestone plateau into two parts.

Krka confluence into sea like she defends herself: one moment she is falling the next one she flows. For the moment she is placid then she wriggles through the limestone until finally she spreads around to hide true place where she blend her water with the sea .

Skradin was born there to bridge two riversides, two sides of Sibenik county and two sides of Dalmatia, hinterland with seaside.

Is there anything better than meal taken in natural ambient in an authentic restaurant Marina? Courteous personnel will present you with specific domestic cuisine and ensure that this visit to Krka will linger in your memory through the sense of taste, maybe even through the sound because Skradin is small but peculiar town full of history, tradition, gastronomy and songs. Dalmatian traditional song so easily starts when domestic vine splash singer’s throats.  

On your way to Krka River or on your way to home, on banks of Skradin town stay and lasts the RESTORAN MARINA.

To experience fullness of this small town one would need all of five senses. Tranquil and comfortable overnight stay after the good meal and waking up in calm morning when first sight will be greenness of the Krka and blueness of the sea.

We invite you to feel, taste, breathe, hear and see Skradin by day and night.

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